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One of the first things that guests notice about your home is how it looks, both outside and inside. Your carpets are the main pathway that your family and guests use to get anywhere in your home. If your carpets look dirty, worn, or stained, it’s likely time to schedule a carpet cleaning. That means it’s time to call ServiceMaster Albino.

How Often Should Carpet Cleaning Occur?

Carpet care needs for a home or business will vary depending on a number of factors. While regular vacuuming can address normal wear and tear, take a good hard look at any lingering stains. When you contact ServiceMaster Albino, our experts will come to your home or business to complete a free assessment. We will provide a clear guideline for the cleanings that will enhance the appearance of your home or business.

How ServiceMaster Albino Assesses Your Carpets

When our team arrives at your property, a certified carpet care professional will walk through your space to learn more about your unique situation. Areas of high traffic, excessive staining, or other special conditions will be noted. At the end of our assessment, our techs will provide a detailed plan for cleaning and repair of your existing carpets. We will advise you and your team of our best recommendations while building an attack plan that suits both your needs and your budget.

Carpet Cleaning Made Easier

As the carpet cleaning process begins, the team at ServiceMaster Albino will take on all the heavy lifting – literally. If any furniture needs to be moved, our team will handle it. When the job is done, we will even put it back where it belongs. Moving furniture may seem like a small task, but it offers immense benefits for your carpets. While many carpet cleaning companies will only clean the places they can see, we know that getting every square inch of carpet clean provides advantages to the health and well-being of everyone in your home or business.

Carpet Cleaning: To Your Health

Beyond your carpets, hazardous conditions can hide beneath the surface. Carpets and other types of upholstery are hotbeds for irritants: dust, dander, debris, and other allergens that can make your family members, customers, or employees ill. Regular carpet cleaning can remove these substances. Vacuuming alone is not as effective as you might think. In fact, vacuuming has been shown to push the irritants into the HVAC system, which moves spores throughout your home or commercial space.

The Carpet Cleaning Process in a Nutshell

Regardless of the level of spot treatment or specialized attention required, carpet cleaning services provided by ServiceMaster Albino are designed to provide an exceptional amount of care for your carpets. Our process will usually begin with a thorough vacuuming of the areas to be cleaned. This will remove loose debris and provide a great starter surface to be cleaned. Next, we’ll handle extraction and rinsing.

During the hot water extraction process, a mixture of hot water and specialized industrial cleaners will be used on your carpets. This is where the deep cleaning takes place. We will take your carpet one section at a time. When our team comes upon a stain on your carpet, we will assess it and do our best to get rid of it. Direct, focused treatment can make the difference between a stained section and one that looks as good as new.

Next, we will ensure that all of your carpets are clean and odor free. Much like the stain removal process, we use an advanced cleaning process for strong odors in your home. Before we finish the cleaning process, we will ensure that your carpets are protected against future staining. Adding an additional protectant like Scotchguard can lead to beading of liquids and provide for a much easier cleaning experience going forward.

Then, we use advanced drying techniques to get your carpet completely free of moisture. Failing to remove all the moisture can lead to dangerous mold or mildew growth. These risky hazards can begin to grow in even the smallest amounts of moisture in as little as 24-48 hours. Once your carpets have dried, our team will complete a final inspection and verify your satisfaction.

ServiceMaster Albino Services Can Reveal Other Issues

While carpet cleaning is an important part of what we do, the process itself can reveal other issues lurking under the surface in your home or office space. Since the professionals at ServiceMaster Albino know many restoration and maintenance practices, we can also highlight other areas of concern. These could involve foundation issues, wall damage, mold damage, or sewer problems, among others. Giving your carpets a thorough cleaning can prove helpful in other ways.

ServiceMaster Albino: Carpet Cleaning Experts on Call

For over 35 years, ServiceMaster Albino has been providing a variety of residential and commercial services in the Waterbury, Connecticut, area. Every member of our service team has been trained to meet or exceed your expectations. We’re A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, which is a badge of honor that you can trust. We provide our best efforts, guaranteed.

For FREE estimates on our carpet cleaning services, call today. When you need carpet cleaning, we’ll arrive quickly to get the process going. If you need carpet services, there’s no better option for your home or business.

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