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In just a few short moments, fire, water, mold, and wind can cause incredible destruction. Our trained professionals at ServiceMaster Albino have served our Waterbury community long enough to understand how overwhelming it can feel to get your property back to pre-loss condition after a catastrophic loss.

Our professionals will guide you through every step of the reconstruction process. The first thing we will do is decide on a restoration plan together. First, we must assess all damage. We will professionally clean and disinfect as quickly as possible.

Once we have determined a course of action for restoration, it may be that you need further assistance in getting your property back to pre-loss condition. Reconstruction may be necessary. We can continue to work together to provide the next steps in the reconstruction process. We believe having only one company involved in this process allows you stability, consistency, and provides you with accountability.

As your one-stop restoration and reconstruction business, you can count on us to write your estimate, communicate with your insurance company, clean, dry, sanitize your property, and then repair and rebuild your home or business. Our general contractors and project managers ensure your reconstruction is completed professionally and on time.

First Steps 

  • Call ServiceMaster Albino
    • The sooner we can assess the damage to your property and work with you to formulate a restoration plan, the better. You will likely feel immediate comfort and confidence knowing that we are taking action to get your property back to pre-loss condition.
    • The longer smoke or water remains in your home, the more damage is done. We provide 24/7 assessments so that we can begin salvaging and cleaning immediately.


  • Call Your Insurance Company
    • Your homeowner’s policy covers most traumatic events like fire, water, mold, or wind damage to your residence. Call your agent to ask about specific instructions and deductibles.
    • Our ServiceMaster Albino team will work with your insurance agent to ensure lines of communication are open. This communication will relieve lots of stress as you continue to work toward pre-loss conditions.


  • Document Your Losses
    • After your dwelling is deemed safe, document your losses. Pictures and videos are critical to your insurance company. If you have any valuable items that are individually insured, you will want to include those in your documentation, too.

The professionals at ServiceMaster Albino will be sure to point out areas of damage that you may overlook at first glance and explain what that damage means in the restoration process.

How We Help

  • Response : Call us immediately upon discovering damage to your property. As quickly as you call us, day or night, we will begin to save as much as we can, mitigate any further damage, and start the process of cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Communication : Communication is key. We listen to you. Your priorities are important to us. From our very first meeting at the time of your free estimate, we will be honest with you about what we believe is your best restoration plan. Should your individualized plan require reconstruction, we can talk with you about that process, too. It is vital that you feel confident while our professionally trained team advocates on your behalf with your insurance company. We will keep you informed and updated every step of the way until we reach your pre-loss condition.
  • Satisfaction : Our professional team delivers. Not only do we provide thoughtful customer service, but we also use the most up-to-date, technologically advanced equipment available to mitigate damage. Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and products enable us to see marked successes quickly while we work diligently to get you back to your new normal. You will not be disappointed with the work we provide.

In the beginning, there will be no words anyone can provide to completely alleviate your concerns and anxieties after you have suffered a loss due to fire, water, mold, or wind damage. What we do know is that you will feel better – faster – once we show you a quick response time, excellent communication, and quality craftsmanship. ServiceMaster Albino has served our friends and neighbors here in Waterbury for over 35 years. Let us show you why.

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