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Cats and dogs are cherished members of the family. They greet us when we get home from work, they love us, and they can help their owners live longer lives. Unfortunately, pets often leave stains and odors in our homes. ServiceMaster Albino understands how important it is to have a home that’s comfortable for both your pets and for your guests. Because of this, we offer several methods for removing pet stains and related odors.

Pet Stains and Odors Are Different

No matter how often you walk your pets, accidents and stains will happen. Maybe you were gone for a long time, or maybe a pet isn’t feeling well. No matter how quickly you start the cleanup process, some of those stains may not go away. However much scrubbing and steaming you do, the stain might disappear – but the odor can still linger.

You might be wondering, why are pet stains and pet odors so difficult to get rid of? To understand this, we have to go back to the wild. Dogs and cats are descendants of hunters and gatherers who used their scents to mark their territory. In the great outdoors, scents were stronger to withstand weather events. Since animals rely more heavily on their noses than on their eyes, the strong smells that we still experience in our homes are your pets’ ways of marking their territory.

These heavy smells help your pets remember their favorite spots, but they can make cleaning up afterward a nightmare. Traditional carpet cleaning solutions aren’t always strong enough to eradicate pet odors. Enter ServiceMaster Albino’s patented pet stain and odor removal process!

Deep Cleaning

When ServiceMaster Albino arrives at your home, we’ll take a close look at your carpets. We will identify any areas that require more focused cleaning and spot treatment. We will also inspect other upholstery and make recommendations. What sets us apart is how we approach cleaning pet stains. We don’t use the same old treatment. We use products formulated to remove the stain and the strong smell that accompanies it.

Our deep cleaning process involves treating each stain and odor section individually. We don’t believe in shortcuts. We believe that thoroughly taking care of pet stains and odors will provide a better experience for you, your pets, and your guests. Our cleaning process can also extend the life of existing carpets. Many pet owners would prefer to keep their current carpet instead of replacing it because of smells and stains. ServiceMaster Albino makes that possible.

A Pet-Safe Process

One concern that a lot of pet owners (and parents) have about carpet cleaning involves the chemicals involved. Dogs and cats – and children – can be quite curious about new smells and substances. We understand that and strive to use only pet- and child-safe cleaning products and processes. Doing so gives our customers peace of mind. Using organic cleaning products and cutting-edge safety techniques keeps the whole family safe throughout the cleaning and restoration process.

A Family-Safe Process

While most of this information has focused on pets, removing pet stains and odors is also essential for the health and safety of your family members. While stains and odors are unsightly and smelly, they also contain a lot of bacteria. The germs contained in urine and fecal matter can reproduce rapidly and lead to illnesses that spread throughout your home. This is particularly true if you or your children get down on the floor to play with your pets. When ServiceMaster Albino cleans your carpets, we also sanitize the hot spots.

Other Carpet and Flooring Services

Scheduling a consultation with our team is a full-service option. When our team arrives at your home, we’ll take a close look at your entire flooring situation. Whether it’s for stain and odor removal or something else, we’ll suggest ways to make your carpeting cleaner, stronger, and last longer. We can make recommendations for things like scratched, bald, or otherwise damaged sections of carpet. Pets like to dig and make comfortable spots for themselves, which sometimes leaves ugly spots for the homeowner.

ServiceMaster Albino: A Pet Owner’s New Best Friend

When you hire ServiceMaster Albino to remove pet stains and odors from your carpets, we’ll aim for your full satisfaction. Our professional carpet cleaners have been in the business for 35 years. We won’t rest until your home carpets are stain- and odor-free. Contact us today to schedule a risk-free consultation.

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