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Servicemaster has provided our friends and neighbors in Waterbury with professional restoration services for over 35 years. Yet, after all this time, customers are still surprised by the extent of the services we provide.

Not only should you call on us when disasters like floods, storms, or fires occur, but also for floor care. Our professional floor care takes the heavy-lifting out of house cleaning. Our expertly trained technicians use only state-of-the-art equipment that is safe and effective for all your floor care needs.

Carpet Cleaning

Wall to wall carpeting is beautiful, but it is challenging to keep clean. In a home with excessive foot traffic, children, or pets, keeping wall-to-wall carpeting clean can feel like a nightmare. ServiceMaster’s hot water extraction technique with available deodorizing will deep clean and freshen your carpets in a way that general maintenance vacuuming cannot.

Don’t be frustrated or embarrassed by pet stains. Anyone who loves a pet understands that even the most meticulous pet owner cannot avoid an accident. It happens. The good news is ServiceMaster can fix it!

Pet stains are notoriously hard to remove. Cat and dog urine contains enzymes, uric acid, and fast-growing bacteria that emit an ammonia-like smell. Even if you can treat the stain quickly, the stain you can see is just the tip of the iceberg. Pet urine penetrates through your carpet to the padding, making the smell more difficult to eliminate and the stain nearly impossible for homeowners to clean.

ServiceMaster provides specialized pet stain removal and deodorizing, too.  For a more severe and complicated stain, we can even clean under the carpet, cleaning both the carpet and the floor beneath.

Not only do we deep clean your carpet and remove any stubborn stains, but we also protect the carpet with a stain guard so that cleaning won’t be so difficult in the future.

Clean and Restore Hardwood Floors

Have your once beautiful hardwood floors lost their shine? Show us those scratches and scrapes and let us restore your originally pristine hardwood. ServiceMaster offers professional hardwood floor cleaning that cleans and restores those beautiful floors to their original luster.

Tile Floors

You already know that mopping a tile floor doesn’t deep clean the way you would like. Dirt, grime, and grease work their way into the pores of the tile and make it impossible to get clean. Don’t exhaust yourself trying to scrub tile and clean grout.

ServiceMaster’s specially trained technicians use only the safest and most effective cleaning equipment to get your tile clean and looking like new. Our in-depth grout cleaning technique removes all embedded dirt and grime, refreshing the grout’s original color and restoring your tile’s original beauty.  

Industrial Floor Care 

ServiceMaster provides floor care to many businesses in the Waterbury area. Business owners know that floor care is an essential part of a customer’s first impression. If your company has heavily-trafficked carpets, tile, laminate, even luxury vinyl flooring,  ServiceMaster provides after-hours cleaning services to deep clean and deodorize your office floors. If appropriate, we offer a high-pressure floor cleaning process to extract dirt from even the most heavy-duty flooring surfaces like stained cement or industrial tile. We even strip and wax VCT flooring, restoring its original impressive shine. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures you will be delighted with our work.

Other Services

We provide many maintenance services for both homes and businesses. We also clean area rugs, drapes, and upholstery, and work magic on those tricky, hard-to-remove stains that you’ve tried to hide since they happened. When you call to receive your free estimate, ask one of our trained staff members about our other cleaning services to improve the look, feel, and smell of your space.

What to Expect

ServiceMaster is a licensed, insured, and IICRC Certified company.  Our IICRC certification ensures that we follow globally recognized standards and certificates for the cleaning and restoration industry, ensuring you can depend on our professional suggestions, advice, and state-of-the-art cleaning and restoration techniques.

We guarantee your satisfaction and are available to you 24/7. Call us today for a free estimate.

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