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No one wants to find sewage has backed up into their home. A sewage backup is an emergency situation and should be treated as such. Should you find yourself in this situation, call ServiceMaster Albino immediately. Water from sewage spills could contain parasites, toxins, bacteria, and is almost always a health hazard. This health risk is even more hazardous to young children or people with compromised immune systems. Vacate the premises as quickly and safely as possible, and call ServiceMaster Albino - any time, day or night.

What Happened?

Sewage backups usually happen when a sewer pipe between your home and the line that connects your sewage system to the city’s sewage system is obstructed.  Almost always the problem is due to a stoppage of some sort caused by a buildup over time of kitchen fats, human hair, “flushable” wipes,  or even tree roots.

What to Do

  • Stop the Sewage : If you are not immunocompromised and can safely stop the sewage from continuing to empty into your home, you should. The less sewage there is, the better. Think about what appliances may have been running at the time of the backup – a washing machine, a dishwasher, maybe someone was taking a shower? It’s not uncommon that one of these scenarios produced the last big water release that began the domino effect of the sewage backup.

It’s incredibly important that if you must step into standing sewage water, often called “black water,” that you wear protective gear: thick rubber boots, thick gloves, safety goggles, and a face mask. Avoid touching your face with your hands until you are completely outside and have had an opportunity to wash your hands thoroughly in hot water. 

Toxins, bacteria, and microbes are a real threat after a sewage backup. Unless you are dealing with what appears to be a safely manageable situation, we encourage you to call us before trying to handle it yourself.

  • Cut Electrical Power : In cases of excessive flooding, it is important to cut the power to the home. Water causes damage to electrical wiring quickly. Cutting the power is a necessary safety precaution for you and for anyone coming to inspect the damage.  
  • Call Your Insurance Agent : Almost always, any damage done to the interior of your home due to sewage backup is covered under your homeowner’s policy. Be sure to ask your agent about what items are specifically covered, your deductible, and if there are any special instructions. It’s worth noting though, that while damages inside your home (or business) will likely be covered, potential plumbing costs necessary to unclog your sewer line will probably not be covered by your home insurance company.  
  • Document Losses : You may have incurred some loss due to a sewage backup. If so, make sure you document with both photo and video (when appropriate.) This documentation will help us advocate on your behalf and help your insurance agent in filing your claim. If there were any specially insured items (art, heirloom furniture) that were damaged, take extra care to document and inform us as quickly as possible so that restoration on those pieces can begin immediately. 

What We Do

  • Response : We have served our friends and neighbors in Waterbury for over 35 years. We know to expect the unexpected. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so that we can be available to you when the unexpected happens. We respond immediately and begin working with you to get your home back to normal.
  • Communicate : We listen to you. We take your priorities as our own, and together develop an expeditious restoration plan that will get you back to normal as quickly as possible. After our first meeting, which will allow us to assess all your damages and present you with a free estimate, we get busy formulating a plan for restoration. Once we have agreed on our plan, we begin advocating for you with your insurance agency. It’s important to understand the extent of the damage, the timeline for cleanup and restoration, and expectations for finishing our work together. 
  • Clean : Sewage backups are smelly, gross, and the most unpleasant of all cleanups. However, while this may seem like an impossible task to you, for us it’s just another day at the office. Using the best and latest in water-seeking technology, our professionally trained teams know exactly how to extract the sewage and water, clean, dehumidify, disinfect, and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

No one expects, anticipates, or wants a sewage backup. We understand. Call us as quickly as you can so that we can mitigate damage and begin the cleaning process. The more quickly our ServiceMaster Albino professionals are put into action, the less damage will be incurred. We’ve been working with our friends and neighbors in Waterbury for over 35 years, so let us show you why.

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