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The impact of a home fire can be overwhelming. Once the fire is out and the damage can be assessed, there’s no telling exactly what you might find. As you attempt to assess the damage, you are likely to come face to face with two possible results: smoke damage and a need for odor control. When you partner with ServiceMaster Albino, we can make both of those things disappear in no time.

Smoke Damage Comes in Four Main Types

Much like the ways that fires burn differently, different types of smoke cause varying types of damage and effects for your home. When it comes to removing evidence of smoke damage and strong related odors, hiring a professional team like ServiceMaster Albino is the smartest move you can make. It’s important to know the difference between them:

●     Dry Smoke: This smoke occurs when wood or paper products are burned. They burn quickly at high temperatures and the smoke can reach high altitudes. The resulting smoke will look like a light colored powdery ash that can be wiped easily. It can, however, spread easily into cracks and crevices that will make it harder to eliminate.

●     Wet Smoke: This smoke occurs when rubber or plastic items are burned. They burn at much lower temperatures than other material. These fires are difficult to clean up after since the materials will smolder or smear. Many wet smoke fire residues will be sticky and black with strong offensive odors.

●     Petroleum Smoke: This smoke occurs when oil-based substances are burned. They burn quickly and the smoke will spread rapidly to flooring or upholstery. These fires are particularly challenging since they require the most specialized care to put out and clean up after. No two petroleum-related fires are the same.

●     Protein Smoke: This smoke occurs when kitchen fires involve meats and beans. Protein residue smoke leaves yellow and brown marks that resemble grease stains. Specialized cleaners will be required to remove the greasy stains that remain.

Smoke Damage and Odor Control Requires Patience

When you contact ServiceMaster Albino to address your smoke and odor concerns after a fire, we will do our best to handle all of your concerns at the same time. Sometimes it will take additional time and energy to locate the offending smell or odor. The tricky thing about smoke damage and the corresponding odor is that it can be hidden deep inside a wall. We will not rest until we’ve figured out the location of the smells.

Once we’ve located the smell, we will use the best commercial grade cleaners and deodorizers to thoroughly remove the offending odor. Whenever possible, we try to use less harmful means of addressing the issues. At ServiceMaster Albino, we have access to high power air movers and fans designed to remove tough smells quickly and completely.

As we work to remove the smoke and related odors, we will be doing our best to prevent them from returning. Since we also manage restoration projects, we are a comprehensive remediation service. If smoke or odor damage still lingers after we’ve tried to clean and sterilize, removing and rebuilding the impacted sections of your home might be in order. No matter what it takes, we will leave your home smoke and odor free.

Why Should You Trust Our Team?

When you contact ServiceMaster Albino to address your smoke damage and odor control project, you can expect a few things from us:

  • We arrive quickly: Our team is on call at all times.
  • We provide insurance assistance: As a preferred provider for many insurance companies, we can assist you with getting approval for your residential restoration needs.
  • We provide a thorough inspection: When we arrive at your home, we take a careful look at all impacted areas. Once we have assessed any damage, we will develop a plan and keep you in the loop. You are in charge from day one.
  • We insist on open lines of communication: Once the job starts, we will update you every step of the way. If you have questions, contact our project manager and you’ll get answers.

For FREE estimates on our smoke damage and odor control services, call us today. We’ll arrive quickly and get the process started. The quicker we can start, the quicker you can be back in your restored home.

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