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The team at ServiceMaster Albino has over 35 years of experience providing excellent disaster restoration and reconstruction work for commercial buildings. Based in Waterbury, Connecticut, we’re a small business that understands your need to solve damage problems quickly. When disasters occur, we are available around the clock to start the restoration and repair process. We are also here before disaster strikes to help circumvent damage with our pre-loss planning services.

Pre-Loss Planning Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Disasters happen with little or no notice. Planning for the worst while hoping for the best is a way to save your business both time and money. Additionally, planning ahead for a potential water-related problem is the best possible way to avoid significant losses. We realize that if you have to close your business for even a day, it causes lost revenue. It also affects your reputation and employees’ morale. When you partner with ServiceMaster Albino, we work hard to help you avoid those problems with pre-loss planning.

When you work with our team on pre-loss planning, we visit your business before a disaster strikes to do a thorough inspection. If we notice a damaged sprinkler system, for example, we make a note and recommend it for repair. We also look for potential future causes of water damage, such as pipes that need replacing.

Completing this process annually rapidly speeds up the post-disaster damage remediation process. We’ll take measurements of your building during pre-loss inspections so we can spring into action immediately after a disaster.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

Types of Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water restoration projects are both complex and challenging. Commercial water damage is caused by burst pipes, sewage backup, ceiling leaks, appliance failures, and outside flooding. Regardless of the cause, ServiceMaster Albino addresses the problem proactively. We quickly clean up the mess from water damage and start the repair process right away.

What’s Involved in Commercial Water Disaster Restoration?

Commercial water disaster restoration is a complicated process due to the individual features of each building. The first step is assessing the situation and finding the source of the problem. Once that is resolved, we go to work extracting the water with powerful professional equipment. Next, we dry out the commercial area with industrial fans and dehumidifiers.

Water can cause massive damage in a short amount of time. It’s crucial to remove standing water quickly to reduce the risk of mold growth. Mold grows rapidly and can start to spread within 24-48 hours. If it remains untouched, the water and mold damage will spread, resulting in a much larger and more expensive problem. We will perform a final inspection to check for mold growth before we consider our work complete.

Fire Damage Restoration Commercial Services

Fires can be devastating to a business. However, restoration back to pre-loss condition is possible when you choose a quality fire restoration company like ours. With over 35 years of experience, the professionally trained team members at ServiceMaster Albino in Waterbury know what challenges you face. We work hard to restore your business facility so you can reopen as soon as possible.

Our restoration experience makes us uniquely suited to handle commercial fire damage restoration. We are experts at water damage restoration and tackle that problem after a fire efficiently. We are also very experienced in the procedures needed to mitigate smoke damage. Our team works hard at cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing a premise after a fire. At ServiceMaster Albino, our primary goal is to get your business up and running again as soon as possible.

The sooner we can begin mitigating damage and loss, the better. We are available 24/7 every day of the year to help you when disaster strikes your business.

Commercial Reconstruction Services

Fire, water, mold, and wind cause significant damage. When disasters like these strike, count on the trained professionals at ServiceMaster Albino to get your business back to normal as soon as possible.

Our expert team manages every step of the reconstruction process. The first thing we do is work with you to develop the best restoration for your business. Once we assess the damage, we professionally clean and sanitize the area as quickly as possible.

From there, we realize there is more work to be done in getting your business back to normal operations. We continue working with and guiding the reconstruction process. We believe that having one company as your single point of contact provides you the most consistent and reliable results.

As your one-stop restoration and reconstruction business, you can rely on us to prepare estimates and communicate with your insurance company. Our general contractors and project managers ensure the reconstruction of your business is completed professionally and on time.

Why Choose ServiceMaster Albino for Commercial Restoration and Reconstruction Services?

When disaster strikes your business, you need an experienced commercial restoration company to rely on. For over 35 years, ServiceMaster has been the company providing professional cleanup and disaster restoration services to Greater Waterbury and surrounding communities.

Our experienced technicians are well trained in the latest technology methods for commercial restoration and reconstruction. We place the highest value on safety and commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand the nature of emergencies and that is why we are on call all day, every day of the year. In addition, we arrive quickly no matter what time of the day or night you call.

We recognize that the need for commercial restoration services is a stressful circumstance. We’ll alleviate as much of your worry as possible by providing ongoing communication. Also, we are a preferred provider for many insurance carriers and can work directly with them, which will free up your time. ServiceMaster Albino is a one-stop-shop for you to count on in emergencies.

When disaster strikes your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be there in no time, provide a free quote, and get to work right away!

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