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Hoarding disorder is a mental health issue that affects people in different ways and to varying degrees. What people with hoarding disorder have in common is a persistent difficulty in getting rid of possessions, from throwing trash in the garbage to donating old clothing to a charitable organization. If someone suffers from hoarding disorder, the idea of discarding an item causes great distress.

Therefore, when a person is dealing with a hoarding disorder, the accumulation of items, regardless of their actual value, occurs. Hoarding ranges from moderate to severe.

In severe cases, cramped, unhealthy, and even life-threatening living conditions may develop over time. Homes may be filled, with countertops, furniture, appliances, and stairways entirely covered in hoarded items. In some extreme cases, hoarding can extend to vehicles, garages, side yards, and outdoor storage units.

Treatment for hoarding disorder can be challenging. However, when treatment is effective, people can change their thinking and live healthier lives.  

Recognizing that hoarding disorder is a mental health issue, we must communicate our policy for working on properties where hoarding has been an issue. We do not ask our technicians to work in a hostile environment. If the person suffering from hoarding disorder is not ready or willing to make this step, we cannot accept the job.

The Basics

At ServiceMaster in Waterbury, we understand that hoarding disorder is challenging, exhausting, and incredibly emotional. When clients call ServiceMaster to clean and restore a property in a hoarding situation, we are sensitive and compassionate.

With over 35 years of experience serving our friends and neighbors in Waterbury and the surrounding communities, we provide superior, professional service.

Our Process

Assess and Evaluate. The first thing we do is assess and evaluate the situation at hand. This assessment allows us to plan for appropriate tools and equipment and coordinate with donation and recycling agencies, if applicable. We will create a detailed action plan with reasonable timelines.

Insurance. Sometimes, managed long-term care agencies, Medicaid, Medicare, and some other insurance programs, cover part of or all of our hoarding cleanup services if our services are deemed necessary for improved health.

Documentation. If you determine that insurance will pay for all or part of our services, we will document with photos and provide a detailed description of the work we provide to your insurance company.

Communication. Once we agree on our action plan, we get to work! We will keep you informed throughout the process. Your project manager is available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. We always check in with you once the project is complete to ensure you are satisfied with our services and results.


Getting Started

Coordinate Donations

We do the legwork for you! If it’s appropriate for your unique situation, we will coordinate donations with various charitable organizations. We work with our clients to determine which items, if any, need to be saved, donated, and discarded.

Packout, Inventory, and Transfer

Once you determine which items to save, it may be necessary for us to pack these items and transfer them to our secure, climate-controlled warehouse. It may be essential to clean, deodorize, and sanitize items deemed salvageable.

We will meticulously inventory any items that we pack and transfer to our warehouse.

Coordinate Shredding and Recycling

If necessary, we will handle the coordination of all shredding and recycling pickup or transport. We work cautiously, quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly. We make sure that any essential coordinating is done ahead of time, with clear timelines.

Remove Hazardous Materials

Should we find hazardous materials in our evaluation, or as we begin our processes, we will handle their removal. You will not be left with any surprises to handle once we have completed our agreed-upon plan.

Remove Clutter and Clean

Once we can get to a place that we can begin removing clutter, we know we are close to the cleaning process. As soon as it makes sense, we start the next phase of the project: intensive cleaning.

We will utilize all the safe and effective equipment, tools, and cleansers we have at our disposal, ensuring that when we do our job, your confidence is restored.

Sanitize and Deodorize

Most of the time, it is necessary to deodorize properties that have been subjected to hoarding issues. You can count on us to employ our most effective tools to restore your property.

About Us

There is a reason ServiceMaster has been serving our friends and neighbors in Waterbury for over 35 years. We provide quality services at honest prices. We do what we say we are going to do. Your total satisfaction is our goal, and we work hard to be sure you are pleased with the services we provide.

If you have struggled with hoarding disorder, or you have a property that needs restoration after a hoarding experience, we understand. Our compassionate, courteous, and trained restoration professionals are ready to help you take the next necessary steps to improve your situation.

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