Commercial Water Damage and You
commercial water damage

Commercial Water Damage and You

Commercial properties are activity hubs, with issues that do not affect residential homeowners. Foot traffic is typically increased, as is the use of facilities like restrooms and kitchens. Because of this constant activity, it’s not unusual for wear and tear accidents to result in commercial water damage when pipes or structures break down. In addition, there’s the possibility of storms causing destruction and submersion.

Here’s a breakdown of water damage restoration and pre-planning to help you avoid extra expenses. If you’re in a position where you must consider water damage on commercial grounds, then you’ll want to check out this map of concerns and fixes.

Basement/Underground Storage

For pre-planning against flooding and water damage, your inventory stock and equipment can be secured against possible damage in the event of leakage. It’s good practice to secure items on “lifters” that keep everything a few inches from the concrete. This way, if minimal flooding does occur, then you won’t have to worry too much about damage to your items.

However, lifters won’t save your merchandise from a larger amount of water, so perishable items should be stored elsewhere if possible. Should your underground space need water damage restoration, then you’ll want to preserve as much as possible. Every little bit of planning helps.

Securing Appliances

Certain appliances, like water heaters, have their own lifters built-in, but this isn’t the case for many heavier appliances. If your business is food service, then waterproof storage is an option. Try to avoid electronic hookups lower than 2 feet from lower-level construction.

If flooding occurs, Servicemaster Albino’s employees can secure any appliances that are in harm’s way. If they become submerged, we can use water extraction methods to completely dry out any lingering moisture. Sometimes affected items will develop bad odors. We have the equipment to deal with this as well, using pack-up and storage to deodorize foul smells. If you’d like to know more about these services, check out our website.

Avoiding Standing Water

Since commercial properties must pass safety inspections, any long-term environmental damage can make or break the reputation of a company. If standing water occurs, a property owner must remove all traces of moisture and mold. Customers or employees should never be around hazardous materials.

You should consult professionals if you have standing water. Water extraction will keep harmful elements away and preserve your location. We rely on modern extraction equipment to safely clean floors so you can resume business as quickly as possible.

Saving Soaked Belongings

Top-of-the-line drying equipment is the only way you can save soaked belongings. This is a vital part of water damage restoration, so never throw these items out before consulting restoration services. Even heavily-soaked objects can be saved via intense dehydration and drying-out enforcement. Our expert technicians have plenty of experience saving hundreds of items. They’re ready 24/7 to ease your woes.

Water Damage Restoration On-Call

Water is going to go where it wants to. When it seeps into—or across—your commercial property, reach out to the pros for assistance. If you’re dealing with standing water, damaged stock, and submerged equipment, we can help restore your operation to its full capacity while you focus on your business. Contact Servicemaster Albino now for an estimate. Ask about our pre-planning options and learn more about our commercial water damage restoration services.

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