Your water restoration company can help get your home to pre-loss conditions

What To Expect from Your Water Restoration Company

Water can severely damage your home. When you have a leak, flood, or burst pipe, you’ll need a water restoration company to assist you with repairs. Your water restoration technician can help remove standing water, eliminate mold, replace walls or floors, and clean and dry upholstery. If you don’t repair water damage right away, it can continue to affect your home and put your health at risk. Here’s what you can expect from your water restoration team.

Knowledgeable Experience

Restoring water damage takes a specialized skill set to do properly. Your water restoration technician is trained and certified to provide you with the best service possible. Training and certification give your technician the knowledge and skills needed to ensure your house is clean and safe. Even the industrial equipment they use to restore your home requires training to utilize properly. When you hire a water restoration company, you get a technician with the experience and knowledge necessary for a proper job.

Thorough Investigation

Water damage can be sneaky. It tends to form in places that are out of the way and hard to see. Water damage can spread without your knowledge. When your water restoration technician begins working, they’ll start with a thorough examination of the affected area and areas nearby. This way, they can find all instances of water damage. Water damage can lead to mold, structural integrity issues, and electrical concerns. With a proper investigation, your technician will identify every problem and design a course of action to restore all the damage.

Pre-Loss Conditions

A proper water restoration job should leave your home feeling fresh and healthy. Your water restoration company may need to drill holes in your wall, move furniture, and take up the floor or take down wallpaper/paneling to restore the damages. When they’re finished, they’ll put everything back the way it was. This may include:

  • Replastering and painting walls
  • As well as recarpeting floors
  • Drying and sanitizing furniture
  • Doing a thorough cleaning of the work area

Once finished, your home will look and feel as healthy and fresh as ever.

Water Restoration Company in Waterbury, CT

At ServiceMaster Albino, we’re dedicated to helping your home stay fresh, clean, and healthy, no matter what. As a leading water restoration company in Waterbury, CT, we know how to get your home back to pre-loss conditions. Our trained and certified water restoration technicians are standing by, ready to jump in and respond to any emergency water situation. As a result, if your home has a leak, flood, burst pipe, or any other source of water damage, give us a call at 203-753-0666. We’ll do a thorough examination of your home, restore all the damages, and leave your house in pre-loss conditions.

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