Handling Burst Pipes in a Pinch – Burst Pipes
burst pipes

Handling Burst Pipes in a Pinch – Burst Pipes

A burst pipe will not wait for you to catch your bearings. Often a burst pipe goes unnoticed by owners while water damage and moisture accumulates, and then it might be too late to recover completely. In a pinch—meaning nightmare scenario—the best response to indoor flooding is an informed one. Here are a few tips to follow in the event of this unfortunate occasion. Along with strategies to keep costs low and buildings intact.

Home Appliance Removal

Appliances like washers are common culprits for bursting pipes. It’s essential to unplug other appliances and devices if it’s safe to do so in case of a burst pipe. This is for safety reasons, but also to avoid shorting out other devices like televisions or computers. The appliance itself should be removed in order to assess the damage completely. ServiceMaster Albino has established action plans for such an occasion, including basement water extraction to save your belongings and keep damage at a minimum. Service suggestions and estimates are available now.

Address Mold Concerns

Mold can take hold almost immediately after burst pipes send their contents in every direction. This is one of the more damaging aspects of water. Potential mold spots can be difficult to identify on a visual level, especially if the location is a basement or lower level.

You’ll need proper mold testing to begin the removal and remediation process. If mold isn’t dealt with properly, inhabitants can become ill over time. Irreparable decay in building foundations can cost owners thousands of dollars. It’s a wise move to contact trained mitigation specialists who know how to employ the latest moisture detection equipment. Avoid the aforementioned issues and contact an expert as soon as possible.

Pre-Planning for Future Bursts

ServiceMaster Albino offers water damage restoration for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in pre-loss planning and quick response time. Our trained specialists are on call to promptly examine your busted pipes, and to inform you of the affected areas and mold trappings. We pride ourselves in open communication with customers. This allows us to create a personalized action plan for your situation, one that addresses each concern you might have about damage mitigation.

Take Control

We’ll work directly with your insurance company. In fact, you won’t feel discombobulated due to the stress of a burst pipes situation. Such cases can be a handful, but with a proper inspection we can relay the details to your provider for the best results to save you money. ServiceMaster Albino uses the latest commercial equipment to fight mold and moisture. Drying out flooded areas is not a problem with our standout dehumidification services at your disposal. We guarantee to dry out affected locations. Fix the damage and then begin pre-planning with us. Call now for a free estimate.

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