Tactics for Removing Unwanted Pet Odors
unwanted pet odors

Tactics for Removing Unwanted Pet Odors

Everyone has had a rough 2020, but thankfully, pets continue to offer helpful support following stressful days or situations. However, they’re not always angels. Accidents can happen on the floors of apartments and homes, which can result in unwanted pet odors. Sometimes such scents happen in commercial locations. It’s in these moments that decisions must be made before permanent damage occurs.

Floor care can be tricky, depending on your layout. Carpet care is different from upholstery care or hardwood floor maintenance. It’s best to keep the following tactics in mind to make your home smell fresh again.

First Steps

It’s a smart move to try simple steps to remove the odor if it doesn’t seem too serious. Opening windows and doors is the cheapest option possible, and sometimes it’s enough to air out the offending smell. Home fragrance options like scented candles or incense are often strong enough to repel mild pet odors, though this requires regular use to maintain the freshness of a room. Plug-in air fresheners require less hassle since they last longer and don’t require matches or by-the-clock spraying.

Check the Upholstery

Furniture is generally a major investment. To prevent permanent damage, you’ll need upholstery and drapery cleaners who know their way around deep stains. ServiceMaster Albino has quick solutions for furniture cleaning emergencies, including deodorizing most objects affected by pet odors. Be sure to reach out for our professional services before your favorite sofa has to end up at the curb.

Carpet Replacement

Carpeted floors often retain the odors of pet accidents, especially if the stains go unnoticed. This can easily occur since sometimes days can pass before the mess is discovered. This is a serious case of odor removal because you will have to cut away a section of the carpet; in more extreme cases you may need to remove it altogether.

If an accident leaks through rugs and fabric, it’s best to consult a professional. ServiceMaster Albino will work to save your carpet using our effective cleaning tactics. Call us for an estimate now.

Hardwood Floor Replacement

For pet owners, hardwood floors can be half blessing, half hassle. Loose fur and hair can gather in corners but can be swept up. Unfortunately, any bathroom accidents can leave behind stubborn stains or faded planks. Hardwood replacement requires a total rework to remove not only visual blemishes but embedded pet odors. ServiceMaster Albino uses reliable commercial equipment to save your floors before you have to consider replacing them. We can efficiently remove bad odors and stains. Our experienced staff members won’t miss even the most hidden stains.

Our trained specialists are on call 24/7, so we can quickly handle any emergency you have. We aim for open communication with every customer. And we create a personalized action plan to save your home from long-lasting damage. Pre-planning is available as well. Give us a call to handle removing pet odors from your home today!

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