Fire Damage Cleanup can help you restore your home after a house fire

How Fire Damage Cleanup Works

A house fire is a scary situation. And once the flames are put out and everyone is safe, it can become a confusing and frustrating situation as well. Fire damage cleanup is often a complicated matter that requires a variety of steps to complete. Everything, from scorch mark removal to smoke odor cleanup and even structural repairs, needs to be done before your home feels fresh and healthy again. With the right fire restoration company, you can have your home back to pre-loss conditions in no time.

Initial Inspection

Before the fire damage cleanup and restoration can begin, your technician will need to do an inspection of the area. This inspection is critical for many reasons. First, the inspection will tell your technician exactly what needs to be done, so they can have everything and everyone ready when it’s time to start working. Second, a full inspection will provide you with an accurate quote that details the damages and the costs of repair. Not only does this help you plan your finances for restoration, but it can also help expedite the insurance claims process with your homeowner’s insurance company.

Fire Damage Cleanup

With the inspection done and the work agreed upon, your team of trained technicians will begin cleaning up the area. Fire cleanup includes:

  • Removing dust and soot
  • Removing smoke particles
  • Removing any water or chemicals used to put out the flames
  • Removing damaged furniture and household goods

During the cleanup process, it’s also a good idea to board and tarp up any exposed areas, such as broken windows or cracks in foundations. By securing the structure of your home, you prevent further damage from the elements or any pests that might try to sneak in. Containing the damage this way helps you avoid future restoration costs.

Fire Damage Restoration

The cleanup of fire damage is only half the battle. For many smaller cases, removing the soot and cleaning up any scorch marks is usually enough to fix the problem. But more extreme cases of house fires can lead to structural damage and water damage that needs to be handled. While the initial cleanup prepares the area for restoration work, the actual restoration process can take longer and is often more costly. Fire damage restoration includes:

  • Repairing/replacing broken windows or doors
  • Repairing cracks in the foundation
  • Replacing damaged hardware, floors, and walls

Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Waterbury, Connecticut

If your home experiences a fire, trust ServiceMaster Albino with your restoration. Our trained and certified fire damage cleanup and restoration team will get your home back to pre-loss conditions as soon as possible. The longer you wait to restore fire damage, the more issues it can cause. Give us a call at 203-753-0666 for quick and effective fire damage cleanup and restoration services in the Waterbury, CT, area.

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