a flooded basement in CT can lead to a lot of trouble

How Your Home is at Risk of Basement Flooding

Water can damage your home in multiple ways. From mold growth to structural damage, when water gets in your house, you’ll want to make sure you get it remedied as soon as possible. Basements are the most likely level to flood due to a variety of reasons. A flooded basement in CT can lead to expensive and time-consuming problems. Knowing how your home is at risk of basement flooding can help you find and implement preventive measures.


Certain areas where homes are built are naturally more inclined to flooding conditions. If your home was built on a floodplain, there’s nowhere for rainwater to drain. Instead, it builds up on the ground around your home. The vast amounts of water resting against your structure can damage your home in two ways. First, the water will slowly erode at your foundation, weakening your home’s structural integrity. And if there’s already a structural problem, the water can leak into your house and flood your basement.

The solution for homes on a floodplain includes a drainage system, either indoors or outdoors. An outdoor drainage system will divert water away from your house, leaving it strong and sturdy. An indoor drainage system will remove the water as soon as it gets in. While this keeps your basement from suffering flood damage, you’ll still have to maintain the outside of your house to prevent water damage as well.

Structural Damage

Even if you don’t live on a floodplain, your basement can still be at risk of flooding during heavy rainfall if you have structural damage. Structural damage can provide easy ways in for water and includes:

  • Cracks in your foundation
  • Windows and doors that don’t close all the way
  • Gaps between your foundation and the ground

These problems not only allow water to flood your home, but they can also cause a host of other problems. If your basement keeps flooding, have a certified home inspector take a look at your house’s structure for any damages.

Burst Pipes

When a pipe bursts in your home, the water is naturally going to flow down. And because most piping initially runs through the basement, it’s the most likely place to suffer a flood due to a burst pipe. The best way to avoid a burst pipe is to have your pipes inspected often for signs of damage and to update any old piping that may be in your house.

Preventing Flooded Basements in CT

At ServiceMaster Albino, we pride ourselves on keeping homes in Waterbury and the surrounding areas safe from flood damage. We provide effective water restoration services and water damage prevention services to protect your home. If you have a flooded basement in CT, don’t hesitate to call us at 203-753-0666. Our trained and certified technicians are standing by, ready to help prevent and restore any flood damage in your home.

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