A sewage backup can ruin more than just your bathroom

First Steps after a Sewage Backup

Advances in plumbing have greatly improved hygiene all around the world and led to safer living environments. However, sewage lines can get clogged up, creating a new host of problems. When there’s a sewage backup on your property, you could be facing some serious damages. Not only can your toilets stop working or start overflowing, but your yard can become a swamp filled with sewage waste. When this happens, you’re dealing with blackwater damage and need to take extra precautions to keep yourself and your family safe.

Staying Safe

The first thing to do after there’s been a sewage backup on your property is to keep everyone safe. Sewage waste is highly dangerous, carrying hundreds of bacteria and other germs. It’s important not to try and clean it up yourself, especially not without the proper safety equipment.

Most likely, your home will be without the use of toilets, and sometimes even other water sources until the mess is cleaned and the sewage lines fixed. If possible, secure living arrangements with a friend or family member until the problem is sorted. If you must stay in your home, quarantine the areas of damage and stay away to avoid injury or illness.

Contact Your Insurance

Letting your insurance company know about the backup right away is imperative in getting coverage for the damages. Each insurance policy is different, but discussing the incident with your provider can help you determine what kind of reimbursement you can expect. The insurance company may ask for pictures of the damages, but don’t try and take them yourself. It’s best to stay safe and healthy and let a home inspector or professional cleaner take them for you.

Call the Professionals

A professional home repair company can help fix the damages in your home and yard. Professional cleaners have access to higher-grade, industry-standard safety and cleaning equipment that can assist them in their tasks. They’ll be able to safely and efficiently remove the waste and begin the cleaning and restoration process. Letting the professionals handle the job protects you and your family from unnecessary dangers. In some cases, you can clean up on your own, but a professional company is necessary, especially in the following cases:

  • The sewage spill has spread to more than one room of your home
  • The backup occurred over 24 hours ago
  • The sewage spill possibly came into contact with your air ducts or A/C system
  • A resident of the home has specific health concerns that could be aggravated by the spill

If your home experiences a sewage backup, you want a team of highly trained professionals to clean and restore the damages for you. ServiceMaster Albino can safely and efficiently remove the sewage waste from your home and clean the affected areas. Our certified technicians are standing by, ready to respond to any sewage situation. Give us a call at 203-753-0666 to get a quick and effective response.

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