Basement flood can cause serious home issues

How to Protect Your Basement from Floods

Basements are an integral part of any home. Whether they’re used for storage or additional living space, they’re just as important to protect as the rest of your house. Flooded basements can cause serious damage, and not just to your furniture and items. A flood in your basement can lead to serious structural damage. It can even leave behind other hazards, such as mold and electrical shortages. Protecting your basement from a flood is vital to keep your home safe and sound for you and your family. 


There are a few different ways you can waterproof your basement. Waterproofing techniques can be applied either inside or outside of your home.

Interior waterproofing includes adding watertight sealants around doors, windows, and other points of entry. Part of waterproofing your basement also includes restoring any cracks or damages in your foundation. Water can fit through the tiniest of holes, and even a small leak can turn into a disaster if it goes unnoticed. If your basement keeps flooding, have a home inspector check for any foundation problems that may need to be fixed.

Exterior waterproofing is about ensuring your lawn is prepared for any storms or other risks of a flood. Depending on where your home was built, this may include having to dig out parts of your yard or build out additional foundations to stop rainwater from coming in. If your home doesn’t often flood but you are expecting a massive storm that could cause issues, sandbags can help divert water and keep your basement dry and clean.


Sometimes, no amount of prevention is enough to stop your basement from flooding. The type of ground your home was built on, the elevation, the weather, and even the material used to build your foundation can all play a role in flooding. Luckily, there are still ways you can protect your basement.

Sub-pumps are a useful installation in basements that get regular leaks or floods during stormy weather. A sub-pump installed in the right location will attract the water as it pours in. It then reroutes the water, keeping it out of your basement. 

If the soil your home was built on has a naturally absorbent quality, you could find yourself with flooding after a storm has already passed. The soil around your house can absorb the water and flood it back into your home when it’s not able to retain it. This kind of water can cause health issues as well, as it may contain contaminants from the dirt. Special drains in your basement can help remove the water as soon as it floods in.

Flooded basements can cause real problems in any home. Keeping your basement safe from floodwaters is our top priority at ServiceMaster. We offer waterproofing services as well as water removal and water damage restoration. Call us any day, any time, at 203-753-0666 for professional and quality flood damage restoration and prevention.

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