Fire damage can leave lasting impacts on your home

The Lasting Impact of Fire Damage on Your Home

When fires damage your home, there’s a lot they can impact. Everything from your furniture to the structural supports of your house can be affected. And fire damage isn’t only fire-related. Methods commonly used to fight fires can cause their own damage to your home. Without proper clean-up and repair, fires can leave lasting damages that make your house both unsafe and uncomfortable. All aspects of a fire can have a lasting impact on your house.

Fire Damage

The fire itself can be devastating. Flames can scorch your walls and floor and leave your furnishings and other belongings destroyed. Fire can be particularly damaging to your home’s structural support, especially if the fire was in a strategic structural room, such as the basement. The longer it burns, the more it can damage your walls, floors, and support beams. With a long enough burn time, fires can leave your home structurally unsound. Even the smallest crack in a foundation can lead to major damage in the future. It’s important for your home to have a full structural inspection after a fire to ensure that it is safe and sound.

Smoke and Ash Damage

Flames are not the only part of a fire that can damage your home. In fact, the smoke and ash that result from a fire can often be more dangerous than the flames themselves. Ash spreads easily and is difficult to clean properly. It can cause your floors and walls to be discolored.

Smoke can also impact your home. The smoke particles can permeate surfaces like wallpaper and upholstery, sticking around long after the fire is put out. Breathing in smoke is damaging to your lungs. And when smoke gets onto the surfaces of your home, you’re breathing those particles in every day unless you have your home professionally cleaned.

Water Damage

When battling a fire, water and specific chemicals are used to dowse the flames and remove the immediate danger. But those substances can further damage to your home’s structure if not cleaned up immediately. They also create the perfect environment for mold to grow, creating a health hazard if not removed right away. Getting your home inspected for both fire and water damage after an incident is the best way to keep your house safe.

Fire Damage Restoration with ServiceMaster

Here at ServiceMaster Albino, we know how important your home is to you. It provides a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family to relax. But when your home suffers from fire damage, the lasting impacts can be difficult to live with. Our fire restoration technicians will inspect your home to discover all damages from the fire and restore your home back to its pre-loss conditions. For help combating your home’s fire damage, give us a call at 203-753-0666.

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