Basement water extraction can save you time and money on future repairs

Why You Can’t Let Water Sit in Your Basement

Water in your basement can be a dangerous situation. Water can damage furniture and stored items. It can also lead to a host of other problems – not just in your basement, but in your entire home. It’s critical to hire a professional basement water extraction team after a flood, leak, or other source of water in your basement. If you let water sit too long in the basement, your home and your health could suffer.

Electrical Problems

When your home suffers water damage, there’s a good chance that the electricity in your home could be affected as well. Even small floods and leaks can get into your home’s wiring, especially in the basement. When water sits in the basement, it has a chance to enter any electrical outlets or exposed wires that may run along water pipes. If the water does get in, your electronics could short-circuit. Not only does this cause the lights and appliances in your home to stop working, but it can also cause serious injury. To avoid electrical malfunctions and shocks, it’s essential to have the water in your basement extracted as soon as possible.


Mold can be one of the most dangerous side effects of water damage. The chances of mold growth increase the longer the water is left in your basement. There are many different species of mold, but they all thrive in moist, dark environments, which water in your basement creates.

Because your basement is connected to your pipes, electronics, and ventilation systems, there are plenty of opportunities for mold to travel, affecting all areas of your home. Mold can be extremely toxic, causing diseases, infections, and allergic reactions in healthy adults. Children are especially susceptible to the effects of mold and can even develop lifelong respiratory issues such as asthma if exposed. Removing the water as quickly as possible is the best way to avoid mold growth in your home.

Structural Integrity Issues

Water has powerful and damaging properties, and not just when it’s in motion. When water sits in your basement, it’s often in contact with the supports of your house. The water erodes these supports, especially wooden beams, and makes the structural integrity of your home unsound. The longer water sits in your basement, the more damage it can cause. Floors can become unstable, and cracks can appear in your foundation. Not letting water sit in your basement can save you time and money on future repair work.

Basement Water Extraction from ServiceMaster

At ServiceMaster Albino, we’re dedicated to helping your home look and feel fresh, healthy, and clean. We offer full-service basement water extraction, including inspections and water damage restoration. If your home has water in the basement, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 203-753-0666. The longer you wait, the more damage the water can cause to your home and your health.

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